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My Life and Thoughts Alumna/alumnus literature, Russia, The Possessed, Turkey, writing

Novelist, English professor, and Russian literature obsessed Elif Batuman's thoughts on writing and life.

My Urban Revolution Alumna/alumnus culture, design, environment, music, san francisco, social, sustainability, urban

"One of the great but often unmentioned causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment: the kinds of walls, chairs, buildings and streets that surround us." — Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness. Blog by alumna Laura Surma.

N'Gai Croal's blog on EDGE Alumna/alumnus games, gaming, technology

Former Newsweek editor N'Gai Croal's blog about the global gaming industry.

Neotale-A New Journey Individual Student philosophy, poetry, science, technology

A Blog by a student who has finished his bachelors in technology and is from India. He is interested in Nature as a whole, and also how art is confined to the realms of Science and Technology so elegantly.

His blog is mainly about simple poetry and the recent technological developments happening all around the world.

The world is going towards a change, and that is what he exactly tries to express through his blog.

Newtonian Dynamics Individual Student biosciences, career, organizations, outreach

A resource for bioscience graduate students at Stanford University.

Noli Irritare Leones Alumna/alumnus Africa, culture, medical, news, politics, religion

Blogging about religion, politics, African news, medical news, cultural trends, sexuality (not in an NC-17 way), movies, and whatever else strikes my fancy. By alumna Lynn Gazis-Sax.

Oceanic Tongues Student Group asian american studies, creative writing, humanities, literature, race and ethnicity, writing

The web site and news blog for Oceanic Tongues: Stanford's Asian American Writers' Workshop

Of Great and Mortal Men Individual Staff christian kiefer, indie rock, jeff, jefferson pitcher, matthew gerken, music, presidents

A blog following "Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs for 43 U.S. Presidencies," a triple CD project that is what it says by Stanford EPGY OHS English instructor Christian Kiefer along with J. Matthew Gerken, and Jefferson Pitcher.

Ong Jiin Joo Alumna/alumnus diary, internet, malaysia, music, singapore, technology

Personal Blog about life in Singapore, technology, music, politics, social welfare, and lots of musings and history.

Open Culture Individual Staff cultural media, educational media, podcasts, videos

Open Culture keeps tabs on high-quality cultural and educational media that you can access for free online. It features rich podcast and video collections that include free audiobooks, free foreign language lessons, free university courses, etc. The site also offers daily (or at least frequent) cultural commentary.

Open Ocean Academic Group climate change, climate change adaptation, fisheries management, land-sea interface, marine spatial planning, ocean acidification, oceans, Pacific Ocean health, sea level rise

The Center for Ocean Solutions: Our mission is to develop, synthesize, and catalyze understanding and new tools, to use them to solve major problems facing the oceans, and to prepare the leaders who take on these challenges.

We focus on key initiatives including climate change, the land-sea interface, marine spatial planning and the health of the Pacific Ocean. We also train leaders and future leaders in marine and coastal management in area such as fisheries management and adaptation for coastal areas to climate change.

Orangette Alumna/alumnus cookbooks, cooking, cooks, food, recipes

Molly Wizenberg, author of "A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table," posts recipes and photos.

OtisNotes Alumna/alumnus books, GoodReads.com, publishing, technology

GoodReads.com founder Otis Chandler's blog about books, publishing, technology, and life.

Our Life in Meals Alumna/alumnus cooking, family, food, home chef, recipes

One couple, one kitchen, and one over the top food adventure!

Over My Med Body! Individual Student health, health policy, med school, medical school, medicine

Charting the path to becoming a doctor. Plus a bit of health policy and humor along the way.

Ovid Life Settlement Blog Student Group finance, Household Finances, Insurance, Ovid

Ovid Life Settlement Blog is a new blog to help seniors better understand their financial products - especially their life insurance. Seniors lapsing their life insurance is a huge problem, because this loses them significant value. Ovid aims to spread awareness of all financial alternatives to seniors lapsing their life insurance - especially the ability to sell their life insurance. Learn more about Ovid at www.ovidlife.com

Palumbo-Liu Advising Group Academic Group more
Panini Happy Alumna/alumnus cooking, food, recipes

Recipes, tips and tales from the panini grill

Pattern Recognition Alumna/alumnus

Thoughts on Stanford and life in Silicon Valley. By alumnus Imran Akbar.

Persian Student Association Student Group Iran, Iranian, Persian, Persian Student Association, Student Group more
Personal Ramblings Alumna/alumnus art, event, musings, politics, thoughts

Just started this blogging thing and wanted to get involved in the community more.

Philosophy Talk: The Blog Academic Group humanities, media, philosophy, radio

Philosophy Talk: The Blog is a companion blog to the radio program Philosophy talk, hosted by John Perry and Ken Taylor. Though Perry and Taylor will be the major bloggers here, we will also feature a continuous stream of guest bloggers. In addition, you can experience the wit and wisdom of our sixty-second philosopher Ian Shoals and the insight of that astute and wide ranging observer of the created universe, Amy Standen, the our Roving Philosophical Reporter.

Planning Startups Stories Alumna/alumnus business plan, business planning, business startups, entrepreneurship, small business

Tim Berry writing on business plans, the business planning process, entrepreneurship, small business, starting and running a business, growing a business, and having a life while you do it.

Positive Externalities Alumna/alumnus career, d.school, Google, innovation, Loopt, technology, web 2.0

Min Liu, '06, muses on technology, marketing, design thinking, and other cool experiences. She's a Loopter by day (and night), d.schooler, ex-Googler, and iinnovater. You can find her searching for the West Coast's most exquisite chocolates on the weekends.

Professional Business Communications Alumna/alumnus US Business Communications for Foreign-Born Professionals

The blog is geared towards professional communication and business in the Silicon Valley with an emphasis on foreign-born entrepreneurs and their success.

Influenced by the interviews with 36 foreign leaders in the Silicon Valley in the book, They Made It! immigration and the need for foreign professionals for a strong US economy is presented and discussed. Tips for foreigners coming to the Silicon Valley and the US in general and business insights from the original interviews are included.


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