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The Official LoveChild Reality Blog Individual Student business, entrepreneurship, facebook, games, gaming, internet, silicon valley, web app development

A blog on entrepreneurship, as seen from the kid's clubhouse. Follow 3 young Stanford entrepreneurs as they document the process of building a company out of a Facebook Application.

The Pressure Cooker Student Group alternative, indie, live, music, pop, rock, the pressure cooker

The Pressure Cooker is a music blog started by a group Stanford students, many of them KZSU DJs. We mainly cover indie rock, indie pop, and alternative music, but we don't limit ourselves to those genres. Our goal is to create a collaborative project to get ourselves and our fellow students more involved with modern, non-mainstream music.

The Purple Mango Post Alumna/alumnus authors, feminism, freelance, journalist, writers, writing

Photographs, dispatches and writing by freelance journalist and alumna Corinne Purtill.

The Second Antarctic Journeys Individual Student photography

Michael C. Chen's blog. Somewhat daily musings concealed in the form of a photo blog.

The Skinny Scoop Alumna/alumnus contest, mommy, moms, parenting, parents, polling, questions

This blog enables women to influence and make some of the trillions of dollars of decisions they make each year. We utilize a personal polling tool to do this. The blog captures my personal opinion on what is top of mind for women. The blog is funny and real and resonates in that it does not sugar coat things.

The Stanford Daily's Intermission "MishMash" Blog Student Group entertainment, features, Intermission, Stanford Daily

The Stanford Daily's Intermission staff writes for the web all the material that does not make Friday's insert.

The Stem Cell Individual Faculty ethics, law, medicine, multidisciplinary, policy, politics, science, stem cell

The science, ethics, business and politics of stem cell research.

the unofficial stanford blog Student Group academics, art, business, campus life, humor, innovation, politics, technology

The Unofficial Stanford Blog is a student group devoted to the authentic expression of Stanford voices and perspectives. We are a community of students, faculty and staff passionate about blogging and dedicated to innovation in online content and distribution. We exist to make life on campus more engaging, transparent, and fun.

The World Through Mom-Colored Glasses Alumna/alumnus humor, kids, mommy blog, parenthood

A humorous look at just about anything through the eyes of a parent. By alumna Summer Batte.

thecollegedays Individual Student computer science, databases, entrepreneurship, grad school, india, rahul, software, thathoo

My life as an international student at the Computer Science department at Stanford, also includes facets from my life apart from grad school - the life i left back in India, the people i meet along the way - and some interesting observations!

thinkBIG Conference on International Women's Health and Human Rights Student Group conference, girl's education, health, HIV, human rights, international, reproductive health, thinkBIG, upcoming, violence against women, women

The thinkBIG conference on International Women's Health and Human Rights at Stanford University, February 1-3, 2008. On our blog, we post updates on confirmed speakers, events, meetings, and other items of possible interest. As we approach the date of the conference, there are constant developments, so check back often!

Thinkers Without Borders Individual Student chan, josh, joshchan, thinkers, without borders

I have started this blog because I would like to foster a discussion that transcends the borders that are imposed by others and often ourselves. I decided on the term “Thinkers” because my motivation to start a blog always came when I thought of something I found intriguing and wished I could share it with an audience greater than one. I originally toyed with the inclusion of the phrase “think tank,” as I’ve been fascinated with the term since I first heard of it. However, after some research into the usage of the phrase, I realized that almost all so-called “think tanks” have an obvious slant, whether they admit to it or not. Furthermore, the realities of funding and directives from above oblige think tanks to focus their resources on specific areas of research, which can be seen in some ways as an unavoidable bias in itself.

I will admit that the many prestigious "...Without Borders" organizations that precede this blog were a factor in my decision, Still, I would like to think that I am using the well-worn suffix in a novel way. While geographical borders are certainly surpassed in this blog thanks to the expansive nature of the Internet, I hope readers also consider the subtle borders that exist solely in our minds and limit our thinking. The border of upbringing. The border of embarrassment. The border of the zeitgeist (political correctness). The border of profession versus hobby. The list goes on, but I hope you have an idea of what I’m getting at. I would argue that these intangible borders are often the most limiting, as their very nature makes them all but impossible to identify and eradicate.

I concede that many of these borders will never be completely eliminated. Still, I see room for improvement.

Thinking About How Others Think Individual Student egocentrism, james bond, machines, telemarketing, television

This is meant to be a provocative and humorous blog. I write about what interests me and try to tie embarrassing tidbits of my life together into overgeneralized life theories. Enjoy.

Thoughtful Ideas Individual Faculty economics, international, politics, society

Commentary on Political, Economics, and Social Developments in the United States and Around the World.

Tiger Tales: From Kazakhstan to Kenya Alumna/alumnus adventure, mom, motherhood, parenting, travel

A toddler named Tiger and his mother make hay and sunshine while discovering an embarrassment of riches from one end of the world to the next.

Tiny Talk Alumna/alumnus babies, e-commerce, family, holidays, internet, moms, parties, retail, stationery

Source for news, trends and creative ideas for social stationery, family celebrations and more. By alumnus Ed Han.

Tom Nguyen Individual Student art, photography, travel more
Treat a Week Alumna/alumnus dessert, food, recipes, sweets

Original recipes for global sweets, brunch treats and other eats. By alumna Aly Kassam-Remtulla.

United States History at Stanford University Library Library American history, history, library

Created by the Curator for American and British history at the Stanford University Library, this blog describes new resources in American history available through the Stanford University Library.

Valley Zen Alumna/alumnus art, Bill Fenwick, Drue Kataoka, entrepreneurship, interaction design, koans, silicon valley, simplicity, Stanford, start-ups, technology, web 2.0, Zen

Stanford Alumna and Sumi-e Artist Drue Kataoka teams up with Bill Fenwick, Co-Founder Fenwick & West, to explore the intersection of Zen and Technology in Silicon Valley.

Zen Simplicity, Clarity, Harmony, Asymmetry...
These core Zen principles are applied to technology in video interviews, exciting guest posts, and cutting edge topics.
Join us!

Venture Blog Individual Faculty business, david hornik, entrepreneurship, venturecapital more
Vinography: A Wine Blog Alumna/alumnus food, reviews, san francisco, sommelier, vinology, wine

Alder Yarrow's wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world.

Virtual Mystery Tour Alumna/alumnus internet, Sex, Sexual Health, sexuality, teens

I blog about how the Internet impacts teen sexuality for better or for worse. I am fascinated with the way the Internet has changed the way people relate to each other. As a teacher and researcher, I want to understand how the online world contributes to teens' discoveries of who they are sexually.

Web PieRat: An SEO blog Alumna/alumnus internet marketing, search, seo, social media

Surfing the seven seas for buried SEO, social media & internet marketing treasure. Web PieRat is a white-hat non-ratty PieRat who strongly believes in ethical SEO, social media and internet marketing practices. Groomed and fed by Jill Kocher, Class of 1995, Communications & American Studies.

Wedding Paper Divas Alumna/alumnus e-commerce, holidays, internet, parties, retail, stationery, weddings

Wedding style trends and tips by alumnus Ed Han.


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