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The Stanford Premedical Association's job is to come up with programs that will prepare premeds in understanding the realities and challenges of medicine and aid in their decisions. Sign up to be a Stanford Premedical Association Member now!

1. Mentoring Program: We organize the comprehensive Stanford Premedical Association Mentoring Program which involves Stanford doctors, medical students, and upperclassmen mentoring premedical undergrads.

2. Community Service: We have a committee dedicated to serving the community surrounding Stanford campus through Health Fairs and Health Education Program. We are currently focusing on the health needs of East Palo Alto.

3. Social Mixers: These are our General Meetings, held at the beginning of each quarter to bring all Stanford Premedical Association Members together. We will announce upcoming events for the quarter and an Upperclassmen Panel or a workshop such as CPR/First Aid training will usually follow the general meeting.

4. Speakers Panels: We set up Speakers Panels with doctors from a variety of specialties, medical students, and premed upperclassmen to share insight.

5. Medical School Admissions: We provide online Information that will benefit students from starting with an interest in medicine to heading into the Medical School Application process. We also organize Mock MCAT Exams, Mock Interviews, plan trips to Medical Conferences and Medical School Tours, and many more exciting activities for premeds at every stage of the premedical process.

6. Newsletters and Discussion Board: We send out SPA Monthly Newsletters with information such as interesting classes to take, research opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. We maintain an active forum of opportunities via our stanford_premed Mailing List and Web Forum.

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