The SHPRC is an informative office filled with information and products—everything you always wanted to know about sex. Our blog is a collection of articles relevant to sexual health that interest us, as well as general musings, updates on what's going on in the center, and notifications of events. Our new website also offers complete lists of what we carry in the center, an inventory of our library, and tons of sexual health information.

At the center we also provide individual consultations so can confidentially discuss your sexual concerns with a trained counselor. Registered Stanford students may receive twelve condoms each regular quarter, free of charge, with a valid Stanford ID. Substitutions for lube samples, female condoms, dental dams, chemical contraceptives, and massage oil samples. Early pregnancy tests (EPTs) are also available. The SHPRC also has a vast library of books that may be checked out with a valid Stanford ID and a cash or check deposit. Of course, feel free to stop by to talk or for advice, and contact us to organize an outreach, or to ask questions or comments about the SHPRC.
Located: 2nd floor Vaden
Hours: Open Mon-Fri, 12-6pm
Phone: 650-SAFE SEX (723-3739)

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