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Radio Stanford books, Issues, Life!, music, world

I maintain this more as an occasional "open diary", not so much as a blog. From time to time, I collect interesting snippets that I come across, and occasionally add some social commentary on my own. Here is the quick summary of facts:

Books, Music, World, Issues, ... Beautiful Life!
Broadcasting intermittently since Jan 2001
This site is *not* affiliated to Stanford Radio KZCU 90.1 fm
Maintained by Sundar Iyer.
For your pleasure; Enjoy!

re.visioning entrepeneurship, life, music, photography, technology

Life at Stanford and in Silicon Valley, with a healthy dose of intellectual musings, photography, and music.

(Note: This is the updated site to the previous location of re.visioning at lekanwang.blogspot.com, which has been retired.)

Saket Vora > Notes from an Engineering Grad Student electrical engineering, engineering, entrepreneurship, graduate student, silicon valley, sports, traveling

Experiences of a first year graduate student in electrical engineering, with strong interests in entrepreneurship, technology, traveling, social innovation, college sports, and West Coast observations. A North Carolina resident who graduated from NC State University in 2007 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Short Assignments Carla Baku, fiction, Mid-life, poetry, Stanford

"One woman's mid-life adventure toward higher education and maintaining a sense of humor as gravity and chronology wreak havoc."

A completely subjective treatise on becoming a Stanford undergrad at 50, and watching a multitude of dreams come true.

sicheng@stanford a cappella, mendicants, music, Stanford life, travel

Just something simple to keep folks updated on what's going on with me. :)

Silver String movie reviews, poetry, prose

My personal blog on MSN Space,in Chinese.

Silverkeys Writes art, crafts, food, photography, writing

I blog first and foremost about my writing -- about being an English major, writing poetry, participating in campus arts events, and applying to grad school -- but my posts also serve as a showcase for my various creative projects in other areas...photography, recipes, bento lunches, papercraft, embroidery, drawing and painting, and a smattering of other assorted handicrafts.

Sri Lankan at the Stanford GSB cricket, life in business school, sri lanka, stanford gsb

The blog of a Sri Lankan attending the Stanford GSB. This blog includes my thoughts on Business School, Sri Lanka, Technology and Cricket among other things.

Stanford Business School, Sloan Program, from the Zen Entrepreneur engineering, entrepreneurship, gsb, management, MBA, MIT, Sloan, Sloan Fellow, Stanford Business School, startup, venture capital

Blog Chronicling the experiences of a new Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Business School. Written from the perspective of an experienced entrepreneur and MIT engineer who recently arrived at Stanford. Questions addressed include: What's it like to attend Business School at Stanford? What's a Sloan Fellow? And what do you learn in Business School anyways? Why would an entrepreneur want to study management?

Also includes general unusual entries about Zen and Entrepreneurship.

The Daily Axe athletics, basketball, Cardinal, football, sports

DailyAxe.com provides Stanford sports fans with reliable, interesting, and constantly updated stories on athletics from the Farm. Our writers are Stanford students and devout Card fans, so every story burns with a college fan’s passion for sports. We wanted to put the most valuable Stanford sports news in one place with good writing and real opinions, and that’s what we try to do at DailyAxe.com.

The Hostel Venture Capitalist Africa, company, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, gsb, MBA, Stanford, startup, travel, vc, venture capital

The journey of Evan Reas, a current Stanford MBA student working at a newly founded Venture Capital firm in Africa, while living in a hostel. The blog details Evan's adventures in Africa, meeting new people, traveling, while working at a top Venture Capital firm, networking and working with the top investors and entrepreneurs on the continent.

The Official LoveChild Reality Blog business, entrepreneurship, facebook, games, gaming, internet, silicon valley, web app development

A blog on entrepreneurship, as seen from the kid's clubhouse. Follow 3 young Stanford entrepreneurs as they document the process of building a company out of a Facebook Application.

The Second Antarctic Journeys photography

Michael C. Chen's blog. Somewhat daily musings concealed in the form of a photo blog.

thecollegedays computer science, databases, entrepreneurship, grad school, india, rahul, software, thathoo

My life as an international student at the Computer Science department at Stanford, also includes facets from my life apart from grad school - the life i left back in India, the people i meet along the way - and some interesting observations!

Thinkers Without Borders chan, josh, joshchan, thinkers, without borders

I have started this blog because I would like to foster a discussion that transcends the borders that are imposed by others and often ourselves. I decided on the term “Thinkers” because my motivation to start a blog always came when I thought of something I found intriguing and wished I could share it with an audience greater than one. I originally toyed with the inclusion of the phrase “think tank,” as I’ve been fascinated with the term since I first heard of it. However, after some research into the usage of the phrase, I realized that almost all so-called “think tanks” have an obvious slant, whether they admit to it or not. Furthermore, the realities of funding and directives from above oblige think tanks to focus their resources on specific areas of research, which can be seen in some ways as an unavoidable bias in itself.

I will admit that the many prestigious "...Without Borders" organizations that precede this blog were a factor in my decision, Still, I would like to think that I am using the well-worn suffix in a novel way. While geographical borders are certainly surpassed in this blog thanks to the expansive nature of the Internet, I hope readers also consider the subtle borders that exist solely in our minds and limit our thinking. The border of upbringing. The border of embarrassment. The border of the zeitgeist (political correctness). The border of profession versus hobby. The list goes on, but I hope you have an idea of what I’m getting at. I would argue that these intangible borders are often the most limiting, as their very nature makes them all but impossible to identify and eradicate.

I concede that many of these borders will never be completely eliminated. Still, I see room for improvement.

Thinking About How Others Think egocentrism, james bond, machines, telemarketing, television

This is meant to be a provocative and humorous blog. I write about what interests me and try to tie embarrassing tidbits of my life together into overgeneralized life theories. Enjoy.

Tom Nguyen art, photography, travel More
You're Doing It Wrong business, economics, finance, investing, politics

A Student's Take on Politics, Economics, and Finance

Ziad's: My days at Stanford Business School, Egypt, gsb, MBA

Thoughts of an Egyptian studying at Stanford Business School


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