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Betsy Streeter's Blog brainwaves cartoon, cartoonist, funny, humor, illustrator

Alumna Betsy Streeter is the creator of the single-panel comics "Brainwaves" and "The Mommy Track'd Funny Papers." She has published cartoons and humorous illustrations for many years. In her blog Betsy writes Big Thoughts About Little Drawings, where she talks about how many of her cartoons come into being.

Erikka Innes clever, comedy, Daily Life, geek, humor, nerd, obscure references, sci-fi, weird, witty, workplace

Regularly updated musings of a geek girl and comedian living in the San Francisco bay area. Entries feature commentary on gadgets, everyday life, music, pop culture, and geek interests (science fiction, roleplaying, ren faires, technology, monkeys, pirates). By alumna Erika Innes.

Everyday Science chemistry, grad student, humor, lab, science

Everyday science is the science that doesn’t make the headlines--the science in the background--the science that we all do and know and love and hate. We just thought there should be a place to post our boring everyday results, trials, and tribulations. It's also a place for silly things and cool results.

Golf Course of Rhymes golf, golf history, golf humor, golf poetry, humor, poetry, Scotland, sports

Explores the links between golf and poetry. By alumnus Leon White.

The Claw Magazine doomed love for humanities and arts, humor, investigating reporting, self-deprecating elitism

Stanford's premiere undergraduate magazine of arts and letters. A wanna-be bastard child of "The New Yorker" and "Believer."

The Dry Spot humor, nashville, personal

Personal observations of a Nashvillager thrashing his way through his forties. By alumnus Chris Chamberlain.

the unofficial stanford blog academics, art, business, campus life, humor, innovation, politics, technology

The Unofficial Stanford Blog is a student group devoted to the authentic expression of Stanford voices and perspectives. We are a community of students, faculty and staff passionate about blogging and dedicated to innovation in online content and distribution. We exist to make life on campus more engaging, transparent, and fun.

The World Through Mom-Colored Glasses humor, kids, mommy blog, parenthood

A humorous look at just about anything through the eyes of a parent. By alumna Summer Batte.


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