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The Stanford Premedical Association's Student Blog. A day in the life of a Stanford premed. Enjoy, write comments, ask questions. Make this place your own. The Stanford Premedical Association aims to help undergrads make an informed decision about pursuing medicine and to facilitate a supportive premed community at Stanford University. Contact stanfordpremed@gmail.com to write a post. Visit http://premed.stanford.edu.

Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the like... alternative medicine, bioengineering, biotechnology, clinical regulation, healthcare, medical devices, medicine, regulatory agencies, surgery

A blog dedicated to the design, development, sales, regulation and litigation surrounding medical devices. Also touches on issues related to intellectual property protection, investor and stockholder issues as they relate to medical device companies,medicine, healthcare biotechnology and bioengineering companies. Also touches on general issues surrounding basic sciences in these fields.


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